Pornrun Fun Map

July 8, 2006

Pornrun - ET Fun Map

This map was made for fun for game Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - It has never been released to the public.

This map is esentially complete, it needs a few minor spawn tweaks and a final compile. Someday I may update and release it to the just so I can get it off of my hard drive.

Most of the content of this site has been devoted to this project, so I won't duplicate the posts here.

I have a ton of hi-res screenshots that need to be converted and uploaded - perhaps someday when i'm bored.

Front view of the warehouse.

Heading for the escape truck with the docs

The the new objective model.

September 7, 2004

Pornrun - RTCW Version

Here are a few different shots of the Axis spawn as it was originally designed for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

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