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Oct 29, 2006

Gothic Arch Map

A couple of years ago I was working on a Enemy territory map that was composed of some Gothic style architecture. I have packaged up a portion of that map and made it available for download. It can be used as a starting place for a larger map or just a reference for a new project. The original map project can be seen here

The ceilings and arches have been converted to an ASE model and the map source for that is included as well.

The map geometry is easily imported into another game like Quake 3, but the shaders that are included are specific for Enemy Territory and will not work properly in other games without some slight modifications.

You can download the map zip file Here

April 13, 2004

Skybox Test Map

Here is a small map that I made that demonstrates the usage of a custom skybox in Enemy Territory. I have been using skyboxes since the Quake 2 days and recently discovered that many new mappers cannot get them to work.

It's time to try and give a little something back to the community and hopefully someone finds this useful.

The map source file is included in the zip.

The actual skybox was created by Sock - his website is Here

You can download the map zip file Here

October 27, 2002

Boxcar Racer Map

Here is a small RTCW map that I made in a weekend. It was created when we found a twelve year old kid playing on our server at 2:45 am. I made it for laughs and it turned out pretty well. We played it online for hours just calling air strikes on each other at spawn - a complete fragfest.

It contains a large mirror, custom textures and a mini-tower PC as the main objective. There is plenty of Ammo and medpacks.

This was my first public map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The spawns don't work properly, there's not a proper endgame script and it consists of only four small rooms - nothing that you would host on a server.

You can download the map zip file Here

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