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January 19, 2013

The price of Lego...

There's a interesting article over at that digs into the perceived cost of Lego over the years.

Hop on over and give it a read.

January 1, 2013

One Hell of a Holiday Season...

As 2012 comes to a close, the final tally on this years purchases has been made - an all-time high for me.

    247 Sets purchased.
    46,600+ Pieces added to the collection.
    For the last 10 years we have been averaging about $1,100 a year in Lego purchases - we far exceeded that number in 2012.
    100's of dollars spent on shipping - we spent more on shipping in 2012 than we spent on actual Lego bricks in past years.
    Countless hours spent on Bricklink, Ebay, Amazon and others searching for those elusive sets and individual pieces.
    Multiple quantities of the Monster Fighters, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit & Harry Potter sets.
    A couple of train sets caught my eye this year - it's amazing how much they have changed since my first Lego train set in the mid 1960's.

We started purchasing the Collectable Minifigures - we shortly found out that it was cheaper to buy an entire case of 60 than it was to purchase them individually - they made great stocking stuffers too. We have a case each of Series 4, Series 5 and Series 7 - we will bargin hunt for the others this year.

We also discovered that there's a lot more of those exclusive "Bag Sets" than we were aware of. They are not listed on the Lego website and often are only available from one source - like Toys R Us. We bought quite a few of them on Ebay to complete our Theme collections.

I have a Lego "Bucket List" of sets that I have always wanted to own, but they were either out of stock, sold out or outright removed from my shopping cart at checkout time - I hunted them down and purchased them before the pricing got too outrageous.

I currently do not have a total on sets owned and pieces in the collection - I am in the process of updating my database with more detailed set information and haven't gone back any further than 2001 - I still have 35 years more to go.

It was a very good year...

December 25, 2011

More Lego for the Holidays

Once again we received our annual Christmas order and added 32 more sets to the collection this year, bringing the total to almost 1900 sets - that's over 250,000 bricks in our collection.

December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

We added over $1100 worth of sets to the collection for Christmas.

We have a $500 wish list of sets that we still have to find in stores because Lego is out of stock.

The 2008 catalog showed up with one of our shipments and there are more new Star Wars sets shown as well as the new Indiana Jones Collection - more new toys for 2008.

July 1, 2006

Nothing New

There's nothing new here, we still buy Lego sets every year, we still build things when it suits us.

We currently have over $20,000 invested in them and over 2000 sets - hundreds of them still unopened.

Miss Lego's castle is still assembled, as well as the Pirate's volcano island. Once we take some hi-res pictures they will get broken down and added to the collection.

December 1, 2004

Declining An Opportunity

Last month I was contacted by someone at Kellogg's Foods. They are looking for someone to build some Lego models of the various Kellogg's Cereal characters for a 2005 summer promotion.

Unfortunatly I had to decline - my basement work area is not tall enough and there is not enough room to construct all of the models they were looking for. It's a shame to, because it would have been a a lot of fun and they were going to foot the bill for all of the required materials.

Getting paid for building with Lego's - it was one the hardest no's I ever had to give someone.

** UPDATE - January 1, 2013 **

I found a link to  Milton Train Works  - These are the folks who ultimately did the model work for Kellogs - Nice Job!

December 2, 2003

Screenshots of Miss Lego's Castle

Sorry that the pictures are not larger - this is the best our little camera will do.

Prototype Main Door

The mountain takes shape.

The walls start to go up.

Walls completed - front view.

The front stairs.

Walls completed - side view.

Walls completed - rear view

Castle is complete.

The King, Queen and Princess.

The Chaplain
(The guy with the pointy red hat in the center)

November 13, 2003

Miss Lego's school project is complete.

After working nights for almost two weeks on this, the castle is finally done. We are very happy with it, we did everything that we set out to do on this project and hopefully she gets a decent grade on it.

November 6, 2003

New Lego sets

We have just received our annual Christmas lego order - 34 more sets totaling over $700.

We purchased all of the Orient Expedition sets that are currently available, some Star Wars for me and a Lego turkey for Thanksgiving.

September 27, 2003

My Lego Page

We currently have more than 1700 lego sets in our collection. I received my first Lego set around 1966. It was a "Master Builder" set which contained basic bricks, doors, windows and some wheels. At that time there were only about ten different sets available in the USA and were sold only through department stores.

Our collection consists of various Lego series including every Castle and Pirate set, as well as Star Wars, Trains, Harry Potter and whatever else catches our eye.

My daughter "Miss Lego" owns the Harry Potter sets as well as some "Girls Only" sets from the Scala and Belville series. These sets never were promoted properly in the US and were not very well stocked. She also has over 700 Duplo blocks from her younger days.

In addition to the commercial sets, We also have over a thousand "Bricks Only" sets from the Lego mail order parts catalog.

Our Lego collection is in Rubbermaid bins and occupies a shelving area in our basement that is twelve feet long by six and a half feet high.

We typically spend about $500 a year on Lego including store closeouts, specials and mail order.

This page will have more content when I have time to scan some photos of past models.

September 27, 2003

Black Seas Barracuda

This is a picture of my first Pirate ship, The "Black Seas Barracuda" I was fortunate to have purchased two of these with working cannons - they have a spring loaded plunger that fires a small round brick about six feet.

As far as I know this version never made it to the retail stores - they were probably deemed too dangerous for children. I purchased them with damaged packaging for half of the retail price thru the Lego employee store. When the set made it to the retail store shelves the cannons no longer worked.

September 27, 2003


This is a picture of my first Castle, The original castle color was yellow, in later years as Lego added more colors they changed over to grey and black. We own about ten of these and once bought four at a time as a closeout. We also purchased hundreds of yellow brick sets to build Our own castle creations - one of them was over five feet long.

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