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October 15, 2009

Scene from a Theme #4 - Castles

I have added a page with some screenshots of my entry in the Splashdamage forum contest "Scene from a Theme #4 - Castles"

You can see the screenshots on this page.

March 16, 2009

Scene from a Theme #1 - City During WWII

I have added a page with some screenshots of my entry in the Splashdamage forum contest "Scene from a Theme #1 - City During WWII"

You can see the screenshots on this page.

December 1, 2007

Quake Wars and other stuff

I have been playing Quake Wars steadily since Beta 1 was released and have not touched another game.

Now that the Quake Wars SDK has been released I have started exploring the editor and even started mapping again - mostly exploring the game and assembling a small test map.

I have a couple of ET maps that may get finished someday, but I am in no hurry to package them up. PornRun has been done for a year and a half and the only things holding up its release is a change to the map script, a minor spawn change and a final compile.

November 21, 2006

ET Church Map

With yet another delay in the release of Quake Wars I have started working on a small map for ET that takes place in an old medieval church..

You can see some screenshots on this page.

July 8, 2006

PornRun - More Lightmapped Models

I did a few test builds today of the map pk3 file so I could determine where some problems lie before putting the map through an online test. Half of my lightmapped ammunition models did not work when run on a pure server and I wound up converting them to a new model file.

The map assets compressed nicely and the pk3 file will probably end up being around 12 megabytes in size.

The system variable "com_hunkmegs" has to be increased slightly to accommodate the map assets - from 56 to 72.

After my efforts in modifying the ammunition models for better lighting came out so well , I decided to convert some of the standard truck models as well.

The original vertex-lit blitz truck model.

The new lightmapped blitz truck model.

July 4, 2006

PornRun - Ammunition Storage

A few shots of the ammunition storage area - lots of models with new light-mapped shaders.

June 28, 2006

PornRun - Models, Textures and Prefabs

I have started making some ASE game models for static objects - crates, skids, furniture, etc... The original models were vertex-lit and looked out of place, I changed the shaders to lightmapped and things render much more smoothly now.

I wanted to have some different looking crates scattered around the warehouse, we have been looking at the same wooden crates since RTCW came out in 2002. I made a few new wood textures that are of a much lighter color than we are used to seeing - they came out fairly well.

I am still using the single-bay testmap for all of my render and script tweaks - it now takes over six minutes to compile the main map with fast light rendering and this saves a lot of time. All of the special artifacts, sounds and associated scripting are in this map waiting to be imported into the main map.

When all done, the main map will have around 675 dynamic entities in it - well below the max of 1024. I removed 225 coronas from the light fixtures because I thought I was near the entity limit. When I realized I miscounted the misc_gamemodels I put them all back in - one at a time.

The original vertex-lit pallet - weathered look

Same model with a color-enhanced texture

Workbench model with the vise model

Skids & crates - lightmapped

New "German Friendly" logo

April 21, 2006

PornRun - Map update

The North valley prefab map is done and is fully integrated into the main map, everything works as it should and the warehouse even got a new roof in the process.

The internal warehouse bays are all tied into the two valleys now - I wound up deleting one third of the warehouse rooms because it was taking the Axis too long to get from their rear spawn to the objective room. The map is much better balanced as far as travel times go, but it never will be a competitive map.

The tunnel teleporters and new sounds are in place and scripted.

The endgame & objective scripting is done are well - I even made the new objective icon for the document carrier.

The warehouse has a new roof

Heading for the escape truck with the docs

April 10, 2006

PornRun - Minor Map Update

Work is almost complete on the north valley where the Allies initially spawn and where the docs are delivered to end the game.

I started on this about ten days ago after I created the spawnpoint test map.

This is a seperate self-contained map that will drop into the main map at the correct location, ready to be connected to the existing warehouses. It's much faster to perform a full light compile without having to deal with the existing map.

I have made some adjustments to the skybox and terrain in regards to lighting and these changes will be adopted into the main map as well.

Looking down the valley

Approaching the warehouse entrance

The warehouse front

Another view - different angle

March 15, 2006

Spawn Scripting

I have once again broken off work on the PornRun map so I could create yet another test map. This map only contains various types of player spawnpoints.

There are initial team spawns, a flag-capture spawn and a constructable command post spawn that is available to either team. Each spawn has an object camera and all of the required scripting so it shows correctly on the command map.

Some day I may package it up and make it available for download as a tutorial prefab.

June 8, 2005

PornRun - New Screenshots - Axis Valley

I slightly decreased the size of the Axis valley in order to better control the visibility and FPS, this image shows the new proportions. Images 2-6 have a new, rockier texture in the steep portions of the terrain.

Overview with the old rock texture.

This image is using the Fueldump sky texture.

These next four images are tests of different skybox textures.

June 1, 2005

The map has a name - PornRun

My ET map project finally has a name - PornRun

It's an objective based fun map that contains new models, graphics & sounds.

It is intended to be a fully playable map but the content will be slanted more towards fun, not competition.

May 23, 2005

New Map - No Name

With everyone moving on to other games and the RTCW community slowly fading out, I started a new ET map a few weeks ago while on vacation - pulled a few all-nighters and got most of the terrain worked out.

The outdoor portion of the map is almost done, mostly some detail work on the barn and more vis blocking - then it's off to the interior sections and the objectives.

We did a few online tests for playability and a few visibility issues came up. In one area the visible triangle count is near 40,000 (although it has a low portal count), it plays fine with four of us airstriking each other, but it could become laggy with 32 players. It's too bad, because the terrain looks great and with the alternate routes around the valleys it would be very balanced for competitive gameplay.

A few outdoor shots

The bunker - it took me about six hours to get it right.

Axis Spawn.

An early version of the barn.

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