About Mr Lego
I received my first Lego set around 1966. It was a "Master Builder" set which contained basic bricks, doors, windows and some wheels. At that time there were only about ten different sets available in the USA and were sold only through department stores. I also own a couple of train sets from that era, as well as some sets sold under the "Samsonite" name. Everything from that time is well-worn and heavily played with - the instructions and boxes are long gone.

Getting married and having a now-adult child changed "my" collection to "our" collection. Sitting on a shelf are two large totes of her childhood Duplo sets that haven't seen daylight in 20+ years - we're saving them for future grandkids.

We currently own more than 3,130 lego sets, along with that, we have over 76,000 "loose bricks", that totals to over 735,000 bricks in our collection. The dollar investment is over $81,000 and all purchases after the late 70's are fairly well documented. Most of our set purchases from the last 15-18 years are still in their sealed boxes - we ran out of building space in our home and the time to properly enjoy them.

Our collection consists of various Lego themes including almost every Castle, Pirate and Harry Potter sets made. Star Wars, Trains, Friends, Elves, Minifigures and whatever else catches our eye round out the collection.

We purchase collectable minifigures by the case and hand them out at Halloween and Christmas, most of my family has them scattered about their homes and offices.

When the mrlego.com domain became available in 2005 I grabbed it, mostly to host custom game-related files - something I was very much involved with for about 12 years. I am not on social media, tumblr, flickr, etc. in any fashion, there are too many people called MrLego out there. I don't need to add to the confusion as to who is using the name - there's plenty of room on the internet for everyone.

I keep the email address Guns and Legos at yahoo dot com in case someone wants to contact us about this website. - I only check it a few times a week because this doesn't generate a ton of traffic and the spam filters catch most of the routine junk. To get the email link to work, remove the spaces and replace the AT with a @.

Sometimes I post pictures on this website were not taken by me, If you see something here that is yours, contact me and I'll credit you or remove it entirely if you so desire. I spent hours creating the main logo for this site and can appreciate the effort that people put into creating graphics and usable images from a camera or cell phone. The Lego Group always gets a credit just for creating this wonderful product.

~ MrLego