Test Maps

September 7, 2004

Map Progress - Axis Spawn

Here are a few different shots of the Axis spawn area.

There are currently ten spawn points for each side.

I am getting a steady 75 FPS in the entire map - even when throwing air strikes every three seconds.

August 23, 2004

Map Converted to RTCW

After much fustration with trying to use things in ET that were broken or incomplete and finding suitable snow textures and public domain models, I have decided to port this map back to RTCW where it originally was planned.

Here are a few screenshots of the new outdoor portions of the map.

June 27, 2004

Map Progress - New Objective Model

After not working on my map since April, today I found a few hours to debug the objective script, complete with a new model and screen graphics.

The icon graphic change is programmable from within the map script and the new document objective model is available for other ET & RTCW maps as well.

The screenshots show the new model and in-game objective icon.

April 20, 2004

Map Progress - New Allied Spawn

I am about 90% done with the outside area of the map and I have posted three new screenshots of it.

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April 13, 2004

Skybox Test Map

Here is a small map that I made that demonstrates the usage of a custom skybox in Enemy Territory. I have been using skyboxes since the Quake 2 days and recently discovered that many new mappers cannot get them to work. It's time to try and give something back to the community and hopefully this helps someone.

The map source file is included in the zip.

The actual skybox was created by Sock - his website is Here

You can download the map zip file Here

March 24, 2004

Map Progress - Museum Front

Screenshot of the Museum entrance

January 1, 2004

Map progress

The holidays really sucked up most of my free time for map making so there has not been much progress in the past month and I have stopped working on the main map for the moment. I found the need to test some things out on a much smaller scale and to that end I have created a few small "test" maps where I can debug objects and scripts without disrupting the main map.

Some of these test maps were originially created last summer, they are small and compile quickly.

Test Map #1
  • Mirror
  • Teleporter
  • Command Post
  • Team Spawn Flag

    Test Map #2
  • Health & Ammo Racks
  • Command Post
  • Multi-Level Command Map

  • November 28, 2003

    Map progress

    I have started the basic layout and construction of a main map area in the map editor. I went through several versions of this large structure before I got the scale correct.

    I have been seeking textures for the past week with little success. I will probably have to make them myself.

    Because Enemy Territory is a free standalone game, most of the Castle Wolfenstein texture set was omitted from this game. What I am left with is mostly African themed textures - nothing gothic in nature there.

    November 22, 2003

    Map progress

    I have started work on the new map. It has a gothic theme and is intended to be a fun map. Doing the research for this one has been time consuming. When I announce the title I will go into more detail as to why this is so difficult to put down on paper (and in the map editor).

    November 16, 2003

    New mapping project

    I have started research for my latest mapping project and I am trying to put the concept and game flow down on paper. This will probably take all winter to complete, there are many things to create that don't currently exist in ET. Some of these things are currently beyond my skill level - mostly texture creation, scripting and modeling.

    If I do this right it should be a great map to play, with potential additonal maps added to the storyline.

    I am keeping quiet about the title and theme until I have a playable section with some screenshots. I would like to make sure that I can create this map first. Once I announce it I am sure that there will be all kinds of comments about it - good and bad.

    August 19, 2003

    Enemy Territory Mirror

    Here is a mirror that I made for Enemy Territory. It took about ten minutes.

    May 26, 2003

    Snow Valley

    I was working on this RTCW map when the Enemy Territory tools came out. When I converted this from Vertex lighting over to lightmapped terrain I ran into some problems with the lighting of the terrain and decided to leave it alone for now. The terrain is completed - I am very happy with how well it turned out. Once I become more proficient with shaders I may continue with this map.

    Mapname: Snow Valley

    Status: Waiting to be converted to Enemy Territory

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