Church Test Map

November 21, 2006

ET Church

Here are a few screenshots of medieval style church that I was working on while waiting for Quake Wars to be released.

I was trying to see what I could create using only the assets that shipped with Enemy Territory. I wound up using some images I found on the net as a base for the windows and trim as well as a few from Berneyboys texture pack.

The map does not even look like this any more - the beams in the cathedral are in the process of being converted into arches and the balcony has been completely redone.

I have started creating a small library of ASE models for use in other maps. The bench, a small table, a ceiling lantarn and wall torch (with scorch marks) are all reusable.

A Hallway

A Stairway

A new bench model

A side hallway with a new lantern model

The Cathedral

A new stained glass window

The map overview so far

A view from the upper gallery

A look up at the balcony

A look down on the balcony

A look at the cathedral from the balcony

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