Gothic Arches

February 22, 2004

The Arches Are Done

Everything is done and looks good. I threw up a few vintage porn movie posters on the walls for kicks. I am going to redo the lighting and clean up some brushwork.


February 15, 2004

Gothic Arches - Day 9

I have created a stairway in order to see how it fits with the rest of the architecture, it is just about done.

Looking up the stairs

Looking down the stairs

A view of the finished ceiling

February 14, 2004

Gothic Arches - Day 8

The basic pieces are complete, the lighting looks good ingame but translates poorly in these screenshots.

The hallway

Looking into the first room

Looking down

Looking up

February 13, 2004

Gothic Arches - Day 7

I finally got the arches looking the way I want them to. I have caulked this map properly now, up until this point all of the lighting has been coming from the sky texture - hence the bluish tint. Without any caulk brushes above the ceiling meshes the sky lighting has been allowed to shine through (meshes are one sided).

I create another custom texture for this map. It is a modified floor tile that provides a 4-way intersection for the floor trim texture under the columns.

Floor detail - custom texture

The ceiling detail - custom texture

All lit up - without the light fixtures

A better shot of the lighting

February 10, 2004

Gothic Arches - Day 3

The scale is right but the horizontal trim has to go. The proportions on my previous attempts were way off, they were too tall and narrow and would have been better suited in a cathedral.

The floor textures also need something more - it looks like the columns were just dropped onto the floor rather than a "built in" look.

February 9, 2004

Gothic Arches - Day 3

This is closer to what I am looking for.

I had to make a custom texture for the domed portion of the ceiling.

February 7, 2004

Gothic Arches - Day 1

This past week I have been working on meshes and curves.

I am trying to create a look that I will use extensively in a larger map project.

At the moment the walls are curved to match the arches - this will change.

My first attempt

A corridor intersection.

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